The Making of my Trunk for my 2004 Kawasaki Nomad
This web page illustrates the process that I used to turn it from a 22 year old trunk to one looking brand new.

On February 15th I won this 1983 Yamaha Venture tour pack on ebay for a final bid of $75.05. I had been looking for one for about 2 months. This was the best deal I had seen, most ranged in price from $200-$600, a new one is over $800.

On February 21, I received the UPS shipment with the Yamaha Venture trunk from the seller on ebay- it was in great shape. Better than I had  imagined too. I first cleaned it up and took off the backrest, the handle, and the Yamaha stickers.

I then began to sand the surfaces to remove the shine on the existing paint, then adding a primer coat to it and then sanding it again in ensure a nice finish. In total I did three coats of white primer to the trunk.

On February 24 I ordered the matching paint for the 2004 Kawasaki Nomad from Color Rite. It should be delivered within 5-7 days.

February 25, I received the paint from Color Rite the NEXT DAY! I can't believe it only took one day to get it. Needless to say, I am beginning the painting process today- side panels silver- 4 coats- then I'll wait 24 hours and mask and paint the rest of it.

February 27, finishing up the paint job today. Doing the blue today, it looks awesome!

March 1- Put 3 coats of Clear Coat on today- looks marvelous! Got the quote from Wompus for the rack- that will be $178, and it will mount directly to my Nomad. Delivery will be 4 days following placing the order. I am ordering  a Kawasaki Vulcan emblem to add to it as well. The ebay auction ends tomorrow on the Nomad emblem. Next I'll start on the interior of the trunk- got to clean it up a bit.

March 8- I didn't win the auction for the Nomad emblem- it went up to $20, not worth it.  I just ordered the Kawasaki Vulcan emblem, and should have it on Friday. I also changed the pin stripe to match the gas tank, a gold double pin stripe. I will be ordering the Wompus rack on the 18th- pay day. It should take about 5 days to get that, and then I'll install it and have the trunk complete in time for my 4 state ride!

March 14- I ordered the Wompus rack today, talked with the "King Wompus" on the phone- nice guy... Here are a couple photos showing it before it is mounted to the bike. I still need to work the inside.

March 16- I bought some material (a thick cotton felt) at a local fabric store and cut it so it fits around the inside walls and I used the foam floor that came with the trunk and glued some of the material on to it as well. I will adhere the entire thing using velcro.

March 28th- It is Done! I received the Wompus rack on Monday and a couple hours later I have my project complete. The rack is first class, and high quality! I am very pleased.  Here are a few photos showing the Nomad with the trunk attached.


Total Spent on the Project
Purchase on ebay
Sanding paper and white primer
Blue and Silver Paint from Color Rite
Red Pin stripe tape* (should not have bought)
Clear Coat
Gold Pin Stripe Tape
Vulcan Emblem
Inside material
Wompus Rack

Total Spent on the project $389.55
Total value of the project